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The FPPCH creates the first eco-friendly Bed and Breakfasts in Paris

June 2008 : as first actor of the B&B activity in Paris the FPPCH is aware of its environmental responsability
and to had to be the initiator of the development of eco-friendly B&Bs.

This way the FPPCH contributes to the awareness and will of action of the national and local authorities regarding
sustainable development (Grenelle de l’environnement, agenda 21 of the Mairie de Paris….).

« Le tourisme durable, respectueux de l'environnement et des populations, est un enjeu majeur, actuel et futur,
des grandes destinations touristiques mondiales, y compris urbaines. La démarche initiée par la FPPCH de
développer et promouvoir des chambres d'hôtes éco responsables à Paris va dans ce sens et mérite d'être
encouragée. »   Paul Roll, Directeur général de l'Office du Tourisme et des Congrès de Paris
« A sustainable tourism respectful of nature and human beings is one of the greatest concerns of the
major tourist places including the cities, now and in the future. By developing and promoting eco-friendly
B&Bs the FPPCH acts to that effect, which is worth encouraging. »
   Paul Roll, former Directeur Général of
the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau.

The Eco-friendly Bed and Breakfast : Creation of a questionnaire with 25 items to appraise each B&B on
environmental criteria and to assess the present implication of the owners of the B&Bs. This questionnaire is
divided into five main sections : water and energy conservation, reduction of waste and use of sustainable
products, environmental and health care, organic or eco-friendly food, guests'education.

Consult a questionnaire   >>

Creation of a seal for the eco-friendly B&Bs. Only the best rated B&Bs will get the seal of « Eco-friendly B&B ».

charte verte Authentic B&B

This seal has three graduations : three, four or five green leaves, depending on
the rating.
To see two examples of B&Bs distinguished 4 green leaves, please click here :
                     example n°1
                     example n°2

The following documents are at the disposal of the visitors in their B&Bs :
         - a list of the commitments of their host
         - a list of eco tips for the visitors
         - a list of relevant websites and publishings.

An evolutional process : the FPPCH commits to help their hosts improve their practices from year to year
and to fit its requirements to the new environmental rules and practices.